Learning Shapes for Toddlers 

Lately Sonny, my 3 year old has been actively trying to help cook any and every meal. I wanted to keep our cooking a bit more kid friendly and educational. We decided to chop an afternoon snack before it spoiled, our watermelon.

 After slicing up the watermelon (1 inch thick pieces) I let him use our cookie cutters to punch out shapes, letters, animals and numbers. He loved doing this! It kept him busy for a good 30 mins while I prepped a quick lunch. Who knows, maybe we’ll make our own edible arrangements DIY project next week with his skills!

You can score a nice set of 101 piece cookie cutters on Amazon for less than $15 and they’re eligible for free 2-Day shipping for the Amazon Prime members!  We purchased ours through Amazon and they were delivered very quickly and so many shapes and sizes to use. I love to use them for baking, cooking, play time (playdoh) and many other activities.  We can toss our fruit shapes into our meals and make it colorful and decorative. 


How to Score a Pricey Meal on a Tight Budget!



Everyone loves to go out on the weekends, why not drop by for lunch with friends or family? Enjoy some wings, burgers, pizza, mexican, asian or italian food. Wouldn’t you like to score a pricey meal on a budget? Besides, who doesn’t like to save a few bucks! I checked out Restaurant.com and entered my Zip Code (didn’t do the optional  “What are you hungry for?”) so that I can see the full selection in my town. And WOW! I was super amazed, they had a great selection. I love this little mexican place that I always go to for lunch, now I can save those extra dollars towards a cute hat or lipgloss. My husband and I love to go eat at Restaurants and this is perfect for us, we don’t need a large certificate amount, since we’re just a family of 3 and I always share my meal with Sonny (he’s 3 yrs old, doesn’t eat too much). Hope this helps you save a few…

Skinny Almond Chocolate Milk Banana Smoothie




One of my favorite “I’m running late” breakfast drinks is an Almond Chocolate Milk Smoothie! The Skinny recipe is just perfect for someone who is on a low-calorie intake or “diet”. It’s smooth and roughly 200 calories.

You will Need:

  • 8 oz. Chocolate Almond Milk (100 calories per 8 0z)
  • 1 Banana (70-100 calories, depending on size)
  • 1 Cup of Ice

Blend and all together and Vio-a-la! You’ve got a a breakfast drink just under 200 Calories and it taste just like Chocolate milk!