Western Horse Birthday Party


This past weekend we celebrated Sonny’s 4th Birthday! We found the perfect location, which was a western ranch with some horse riding. Copper Horse Riding Ranch is definitely kid friendly, all of our guest who were 3 years+ enjoyed the ranch lifestyle for the day. Our birthday event was hosted from 1pm-6pm, our guest had plenty of time to roam around, feed the horses, take pictures and ride.




What’s on the birthday lunch menu? We wanted a simple self serve buffet, that was non-grilling or cooking. I’m sure every parent dreads finding the extra help to grill or serve your guest when you want to enjoy your child’s birthday. Therefore, we ordered two 6 ft. sub sandwiches from Walmart, they were only $32 each! Now that’s a steal! We got great compliments on the sandwiches, our guest mentioned that they were delicious. We all know what comes with an outdoor event, you get the uninvited guest, bugs! Therefore, in order to prevent the bugs swarming our yummy fruit and sandwiches, we bought a few Food Tents, they’re so cheap and did a great job. Not a single bug got into our food. Plus, the tents didn’t fly away with the nice breeze we enjoyed. They can pop open and close for easy storage, they’re my new favorite outdoor item. Copper Horse Riding Ranch (CHRR) already had the whole patio area set up! They have all of the supplies you need, western table covers, bales of hay, cactus decor props, a “Wanted” wooden photo prop with cute mustache on a stick, and of course the animals and beautiful horse property. CHRR has a few different birthday packages to select from, we were so excited that we were able to customize a birthday event and they made everything so helpful. The best part of the whole event, we got to enjoy Sonny’s 4th Birthday Party and the ranch team set up, served our guest cake and ice cream (which comes with the birthday pack!) as well as hosted all of the activities with the children and adults. It was the most “stress-less” birthday we have ever planned.


Lunch Menu 
[2] 6 Ft. Sub Sandwiches (ham, salami, roast beef)
[3] Trays of Chopped Fruit
[4] Boxes of hot $5 Pizza
[2] Trays of Garden Salads
[1] Box of 50 ct. Frito Lay Chips variety
[3] 35 ct of Coke/Pepsi drinks
[3] Capri-sun boxes
[2] 35 pk of Water Bottles
[1] Horseshoe Cake
[3] Dozen Cupcakes
[2] 1 Gallon size Ice Cream Tubs
[1] 10 lb Bag of Carrots
[1] 5 lb Bag of Apples



Western Birthday Activities/Games

  • Panning for Gold
  • Feeding Horses (Chopped Carrots/Apples)
  • Pin the Tail on the Real Mini Donkey
  • Mini Horseback Ride in outdoor arena
  • Pictures with Horses and Mini Donkey
  • Paint a Real Horse
  • Lasso Practice



Horseback riding at any ranch party is always fun and a must! A few tips when you have a ranch party:

  • Inform your guest to dress in jeans and covered shoes
  • All children must be supervised by an instructor/adult
  • Always wear a helmet when riding
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Ask if you can feed a specific horse as some may be on a strict meal plan
  • Inform your guest with easy directions, some ranch locations are on dirt roads with very bad GPS tracking
  • Take Hand Sanitize gel/wipes for quick clean ups
  • Take pictures, memories last forever!
  • Ride with confidence & Have fun!



Our littlest guest got to pet the mini donkey, take pictures with their family members near the animals and some even fed them carrots and apples!



We helped clean up after the party, however, the team reassured us that they could do the clean up. With all of their humble hospitality, we couldn’t let them do the cleaning alone! If you’re in the Southern California area, you can give them a call and book your next event.


Vincenzo’s Pizza: Salad Recipe



One of my favorite quick recipes is the green salad. It’s very easy, yummy and everyone can’t get enough of it!

  1. Romaine Lettuce
  2. Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
  3. Sliced Black Olives
  4. Crutons (optional)
  5. Dressing of your choice ( I have it with Ranch!)

Learning Shapes for Toddlers 

Lately Sonny, my 3 year old has been actively trying to help cook any and every meal. I wanted to keep our cooking a bit more kid friendly and educational. We decided to chop an afternoon snack before it spoiled, our watermelon.

 After slicing up the watermelon (1 inch thick pieces) I let him use our cookie cutters to punch out shapes, letters, animals and numbers. He loved doing this! It kept him busy for a good 30 mins while I prepped a quick lunch. Who knows, maybe we’ll make our own edible arrangements DIY project next week with his skills!

You can score a nice set of 101 piece cookie cutters on Amazon for less than $15 and they’re eligible for free 2-Day shipping for the Amazon Prime members!  We purchased ours through Amazon and they were delivered very quickly and so many shapes and sizes to use. I love to use them for baking, cooking, play time (playdoh) and many other activities.  We can toss our fruit shapes into our meals and make it colorful and decorative.