Toys for Infants – Christmas is Almost Here!


In our little house, we have a 6 month old infant. Our baby Zachary is currently teething and full of random bursts of energy. There’s so many great products that help sooth them during the teething phase, but what about the rest of the time period? What are some age appropriate toys for infants? I’ve created a list, that is generally aimed for the 12 months and younger crowd. I’m currently shopping around for Christmas gifts, which include my sons, nieces, nephews, little cousins of all ages, and of course the usual adults on our check list.


Manhattan Toy Winkel $7.56 
This colorful tube maze is perfect for those itty bitty hands to grasp, great for grinding baby gums on and full of rattling fun. I love that it can easily packed into my handbag or diaper bag. It also can be clipped onto my stroller with my Mommy Hook (I have 3, I love these hooks!) and I can keep him entertained while we take Sonny to the park for a play date.

Infantino Activity Triangle $10.89
Does your infant love the sound of rain? This cute activity triangle has mini rattles build inside, with various pattern exercises that will keep your baby amused. We had two of these for our oldest, Sonny.

There are various toys, gadgets and hot gift items for babies under 1-year-old. You can purchase teething toys, stuffed animals with cute little musical buttons, or even reading books. Babies love to hear their mommy and daddy’s read to them. If you’re like me, I mostly buy the children clothes, necessities, gift cards, but they will always get at least one toy.  Check these out the ones I listed below, they are some of the learning toys that Sonny and Zachary have used and loved!

Sit to Stand Learning Walker
Olives and Pickles Organic Rattle and Teether Plush Toy

Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks
Activity Learning Table

You would be surprised, Sonny is 4-years-old and still loves to play the activity table, just to sing along to the ABC’s (some even have a bilingual version, Spanish). Whether its teething, adventure or educational, children love to open gifts during the holiday seasons…anything that is a toy will put a smile on their face.


Fall Bucket List, Great Date Night Ideas!


I love the fall, cold weather, hot cocoa, knit hats and warm hugs. My favorite time of year is definitely the colder seasons, filled with pumpkin spice, candles, wood crackling in a fireplace and a home that smells like freshly baked treats. There are many ways to enjoy your crisp fall weather with your loved one, you can go on a cute date and enjoy some warm apple pie.

Football season has arrived grab a big throw blanket, hot chocolate with marshmallows, coffee cake, and a cozy up on game day. There’s a few date ideas that I absolutely love!

Fall Date Night Bucket List – Printable PDF


I  love this fall bucket list because it has many day and night ideas, who doesn’t want to attend a football game, go through a corn maze or eat s’mores! The list can be used for anyone, couples, kids, groups of all ages. This is also a great fall picnic check list!

Daddy and Me Outdoor Activities


I have two boys, a 4-year-old and 5 month old, my husband often finds himself thinking of different ways to keep our oldest entertained. I am usually pretty good at creating new ideas for outdoor activities. Since he’s young, it’s a bit difficult trying to find entertainment that is age appropriate. Check out a few things we’ve done or got to visit (locally) over the summer.

  • Walk at the Lake
  • Baking for a Picnic
  • Miniature Golf
  • Summer Festivals
  • Horseback Riding
  • Swimming
  • Indoor Bowling (for those HOT summer days)
  • Round up Cattle
  • Petting Zoo day
  • Fishing
  • Los Angeles Zoo
  • Visit a Theme Park

The best part was that Sonny is easily entertained and we were able to drop into a local fair to get a few games, rides and face painting done on a low-budget. We love  getting to visit these locations and still manage to save, since the boys are still young. We don’t get charged too much and sometimes nothing at all just for his entrance/ticket.  I’d love to get hear your Daddy and Me outdoor activity ideas, or indoor fun as well!

lake walk

baking with toddlers

horseback riding

zoo trip

bowling on a hot summer day

Summer swimming

feeding goats and chickens

summer festivals

4th of July Parade

round up cattle

Fishing at the Lake