Swirly Monster Cupcakes – Toddler Made!


Sonny (my 4-year-old) and I decided to make cute swirly monster cupcakes out of a Funfetti cake box. We usually make our own homemade recipe but he was so eager to buy the box at our local supermarket, so we decided, why not?

Less mess & more memories.

The one thing I love about these box cake mixes, they’re so easy a toddler can make them! A few cool things I found to make his cupcake experience a little easier were the:

Wilton Decorator
Baking Cooling Rack

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl with Rubber Bottom

We just purchased a new mixing bowl that also has a rubber bottom to prevent spilling. Toddlers can be clumsy by accident and this new bowl has been helping us keep the counter with less of a mess.

Check Out The Video Below! 



Easy Ghost Lollipops for Halloween

Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday to celebrate with children of all ages. I have great memories with my Ma (grandma) making ghost pops ever year. We would drop by our local dollar store to pick up tissue paper kleenex, sharpies, lollipops, and orange ribbon. We would spend a few days making enough Halloween lollipops for the Trick Or Treaters.


I have seen various methods for these cute ghosts, you can use recycled cloth, gift tissue paper, kleenex, etc. We liked using tissue box kleenex because they were sized just perfectly, which meant less cutting and more decorating. My brother and I would make scary ghost, silly and cute ones too. It’s so easy, a toddler can participate! If you have young children participating, be sure to use the water based markers that are washable.

You will need:
Tissue Paper
Sharpie Marker


Simple Back to School Organization

Parents often find themselves procrastinating to scrabble through the department stores for back to school outfits, picking up last minuet study supplies and of course, organization accessories. I also find myself trying to reorganize my household to make our lives run just a little bit easier. We currently live in a small 1,200 sq ft home that is slowly becoming a bit snug for our growing family. Therefore, until we sell and move into our new home, our organization must done well so that we have enough space to relax and enjoy our house without the stress of clutter. When children start school, as parents we want to make sure they have everything they need for the year, however where do we stock all of these goodies that are dirt cheap? I’m talking about those $0.10 folders, $0.97 crayons, binders and the good stuff with prices we like! I have few back to school organization methods, which all ages can use, from daycare – college age.
S1 S2

If you have very limited space, you can select a wall organizer that allows you to place multiple category pockets on one sleeve, I love how it saves desk space. However, if you can also use different styles that sit on your desk, like this mesh stacking sorter, . It’s great for families with multiple children, or who simply want to organize their bills. I personally use the cubby with baskets to make it look clean and tidy. What’s inside our cubby? Toys, books, DVD’s, Diapers/Wipes, notebooks and stationery supplies and shoes.


The 9 storage cubby shelf, are definitely my best investment. We have multiple 6 cubby and 9 cubby storage shelf, which allows us to organize anything, and they’re perfect for a college dorm room (6 cubby). A few textbooks can be held together with book ends or just stacked neatly.


My favorite method to organize all of those small crayons, glue sticks, pencils, erasers, markers and the ongoing list of endless school supplies, hands down goes to the shoe organizers that hide behind a door. In our case, we have two of these and one holds my accessories and hair styling items (great for college dorm!) and in my sons room, it holds his small learning items and school supplies.


What are you simple back to school organization methods? We don’t have much space in our small home to make a study station or homework space, we have a 3 bedroom home and our boys share one room that’s filled with toys. We have our master bedroom and a weight room. Since we are looking to sell and buy a larger home within the next 1-2 years, we aren’t looking to add to the house, we like simple living. Our motto is “Less is More….”