Swirly Monster Cupcakes – Toddler Made!


Sonny (my 4-year-old) and I decided to make cute swirly monster cupcakes out of a Funfetti cake box. We usually make our own homemade recipe but he was so eager to buy the box at our local supermarket, so we decided, why not?

Less mess & more memories.

The one thing I love about these box cake mixes, they’re so easy a toddler can make them! A few cool things I found to make his cupcake experience a little easier were the:

Wilton Decorator
Baking Cooling Rack

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl with Rubber Bottom

We just purchased a new mixing bowl that also has a rubber bottom to prevent spilling. Toddlers can be clumsy by accident and this new bowl has been helping us keep the counter with less of a mess.

Check Out The Video Below! 



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