The Best Facial and Beauty Products for College Students: Under $100


I’m a college student, young mom, who also works from home. I take online courses and work from home (for a small business). With the mixture of my soon-to-be 6 month old infant, my 4-year-old toddler, work and school work, I try to not look sleep deprived. Beauty products are a must-have to keep my face feeling and looking refreshed. I’m extremely lucky to have great youthful skin, and I’d like to keep that for as long as possible. These are a few beauty and facial products that I currently use and have been working great for me.

My Skin Type: Dry & Oily
It’s a love/hate relationship

Clarisonic Mia 1Clarisonic Mia 1 Facial Sonic Cleansing System $99

The Clarisonic has saved my skin from all the dirt, grime, contamination that secretly hides in my pores. I don’t have acne but I do have those annoying black heads ಠ_ಠ and everyone knows those aren’t lovely. Every month, when my visit from mother nature is near, I always get a break out somewhere on my face. Now that I use the Clarisonic  Mia 1, I’ve noticed less dark spots, my face is clearing up, and feeling extra soft. It’s worth every penny!

FarmHouse Fresh Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask FarmHouse Fresh Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask $18.90

One of my favorite paste masks, hands down is the FHF Pajama Yogurt Mask with wild Honey and Oats. It tightens my facial skin, reduces redness and instantly makes me feel like I had a mini face lift. After applying this face paste, I wait a few mins and wash it off with warm water. It smells delightful, you can feel your pores shrinking. The jar is recyclable, the product is 99.6% natural, paraben free, and sulfate free.

Eyebrow Kit & Make Up Wipes

I’m not one to get home and take my bra off, a simple quick face clean, removing make up off my face works well for me. I don’t use heavy beauty products on my face, I’m a serious face touching person. Therefore, I usually have a powder foundation, bronzer, and a hint of tinted lip balm. I’m not a brand snob when it comes to the make up wipes, if I find an affordable pack for $3, you’ll find that in my beauty purchase. Eyebrows highlight your face, it’s usually hard to come across a decent eyebrow kit that has all of the tools that you need. A quick eyebrow fix and you get a boost of confidence.

Clinique Moisture Surge $34.05 

The Clinique Moisture Surge is tiny but packs a great punch! You only need to apply a very minimal amount to keep your face rejuvenated, refreshed, and moisturized. I also have a few other Clinique products: the make up remover, moisturizer, and toner. However, the Moisture Surge and Almost Lipstick Black Honey are my absolute favorite products from this line.


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