Beyond the Comfort: Underwear for Men

Tommy John
photo credit: Instagram #TommyJohn

There’s nothing sexier when I’m preparing dinner and my eye-candy comes walking into the kitchen with briefs that show off his package and a clean crisp undershirt. Women have a sweet spot for men in fitted underwear that simply, glorify the boys.

It’s not attractive when you see baggy boxers or crumbly fabric peeking out of a mans pants, we prefer that first layer to be fitted and sleek. Women are on the fashion wagon and men are jumping on board too, I haven’t come across a fellow who doesn’t like to feel good-looking and comfortable. My husband isn’t a fashion statement type of guy, he likes his simple style that can be worn during any season of the year. He’s happy with a comfortable fitted boxer briefs and an undershirt that prevents bacon neck.



Day to-day life goes beyond mens fashion, it’s about comfort. Your gentleman’s underpants set the mood for your hunks day. If my husband is uncomfortable, constantly adjusting himself (which he hates to do), the day may not be in his favor. Women have multiple options for undergarments, comfort comes in a variety of pieces. All of the fabrics designed for us ladies hug, soften and shape our bodies. There’s a variety of comfortable and fitted boxer briefs that define the masculine body of a man.You can’t go wrong with chive green trunks! My man is a former Military Personal, he’s naturally attracted to the military, camouflage, fall green color. I love that there is a variety of styles, neutral colors and most importantly, comfort with the undershirt mens wear designs.

“the second best thing to put your junk in” #TommyJohn

The next time you get a view of your eye-candy in briefs, they know you’re looking straight at the boys. Send them a compliment, every man needs Tommy Johns underwear.




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