Easy Money Saving Ideas for Kids


Our 4-year-old, Sonny is now old enough and realizing that adults need money in order to purchase items they need and want. Therefore, my husband and I decided to introduce him to earning & saving money, plus the rewards that come along with a savings. Sonny loves to collect animals, tractor, anything farm/ranch related. I found a few great ways to introduce earning and saving ideas. This is great for all ages!

Chores for Cash
I have a pack of 5 color magnets that I purchased up at my local Walmart to place on our refrigerator with a dollar or two and a laminated chore card so that we don’t toss paper every time we place a new chore. You can find a few great laminated chore cards on Etsy.com. I personally love this idea because my family will ignore the chore charts, reminder boards, etc. Therefore,  if it’s right in front of them, dangling with a dollar while they think of a snack to eat, they can do a chore to gain that dollar. Of course this works wonders when you have multiple children but it’s a great way to introduce any young child the value of money and saving it.

Recycling for Cash
I’ve been recycling for a few years, which means just dropping all our recyclable items in the bin for the dump trucks to pick up. However, now that my growing toddler can earn money, we’re saving those cans and bottles. I purchased a small 13 gallon trash bin for our home and will be using it to place all of our plastics and cans in for his extra piggy bank money. This is effortless, they can just help toss old drinks and bottles that are left on the table or in the rooms into the bin for pocket change.

Bake Goods / Lemonade/ Snack Stand
Most families who have multiple children have at least one or two sports stars in the family. While you’re rooting away and taking pictures, it can be a little difficult keeping the younger kids busy. Introduce those young entrepreneurs about selling a few snacks to make money. Purchase a pack of Gatorade, water bottles, soda pops, lemonade, chips, cookies, brownies, breakfast and lunch goodies, or even coffee that can be brewed at home and self pumped by the customers. A reusable dry eraser/chalk board can be redesigned for the sale items and prices.

Community Work 
For those older children who can walk next door to help a neighbor out, they can offer services for some extra cash. Mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, racking leaves, watering grass, and cleaning up dog waste can easily be a weekly job. A couple of great work ideas for teenagers are: tutoring, babysitting, grocery shopping with the elderly, light chore work for other families, the possibilities are endless!

Teenagers and Work Permits
Your older teens that are eager to begin driving, going to the mall and love to hang out with friends can apply for a work permit through their school. If they have a GPA of 2.0+ they are typically granted a work permit for 4 hours per day, part-time work. It’s a great way to help their independence and control their money finances at a young adult age.

  • Use a piggy bank for younger kids
  • Open a Savings Account
  • Provide chores with rewarded cash
  • Give weekly/Monthly allowance
  • Bad behavior/grades = allowance taken away

What are your ideas? I’d love to hear your feedback and cash earning and savings opportunities for kids and teenagers.


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