Halloween Decorations Under $20


One of my biggest mistakes during the holiday season is not shopping ahead of time for my decorations and overpaying. I like to window shop and get an idea for the price range if I’m already out in town. However,  Amazon.com makes it pretty easy to shop during the off-season when you’re looking for deals and great products to display for your upcoming seasonal decor. Other than Christmas and Easter, with Halloween I can decorate and make my house look scary, colorful and creative. I’ve found a few great items that can bump up the holiday spirit for your home on a low-budget.

Creepy Cloth  $14.94 $5.99
Light Up Ghost Trick Or Treater $16.75
Haunted House Table Cover $5.99

Crashing Witch $19.99  $13.99
Neon Green Glowing Wire Light $7.99
Giant Creepy Cloth Spider Extends 4 ft. $22.95  $19.99

Witch Cauldron 8.25 inch $13.94
Battery Operated Strobe Light $11.29
LED Pumpkin Lights $12.80

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Some families like to fully scarify (is that even a word?) their house for Halloween. If you’re on the savvy side and have time to create your spooky house set up, you can always opt to drop by your local thrift stores and hunt around for some great used props and decorations for any holiday. The great part, they have them year round! No need to rummage through tons of costumes laying on the floor to look for that one pack of webbing. You can also search your local community yard sales, let me know what your favorite holiday savings tips are, I’d love to hear!

A few tips to preserve your Halloween decorations and make sure they won’t break or get filthy in the garage. Store them in plastic bags and place into storage tubs. You can also use plastic wrap to keep like items together and compact those creepy long spiders or hanging mummies with tons of draping clothing. A garage full or stored items can acquire a funky smell, toss a few fabric freshener sheets into your bins, bags, etc. to keep them smelling fresh, you especially want to do this with your indoor decorations.


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