Business Mindset Women: Tips and Tricks

I’ve always been business driven, we’ve all heard that “in order to be successful, you have to put in the work”. These tips business can assist women and men achieve their business goals. Although it’s focused to encourage women, men can certainly use these tips as well. Whether you’re a stay at home mom trying to make extra cash for your family, or maybe you work a 9am-5pm job and aren’t happy at your workplace. Everyone dreams of success!

I got my first job at the age of 16, working at a lemonade stand at my local Six Flag’s Magic Mountain theme park. Of course, at that age all I ever thought of was saving my money for a cute outfit, movie dates with my friends or even just to splurge on a refreshing drink, like my favorite; Cool Lime Refreshers from Starbucks! Now that I’m a young momma who helps my husband provide for my family, there are a few business tips that I’d like share.

Open a Shop, Etsy!
If you love creating hair bows, jewelry, cute invitations, crafty nic-nacs or hunt around for vintage items, you can list your homemade goods on Etsy. A great book to read and pick through is: “Etsy Empire!”, it shares pricing tips, shop building and much more. There’s a few great small businesses who simply make a living off selling their handmade items on a site that already has a great reputation.

Returning Customers, treat them with love!
If you love what you do, of course you’ll be kind to your regular customers. It’s great customer service ethics, but most importantly, those returning customers are the reason why your still open.

    It’s Cheaper to Keep Returning Customers Happy!

Social Media Presence.
You need to make noise, whether you’re on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or google+, your target market needs to be connected to your business. I found a great article on, which informs the time periods to post on the most popular social sites to reach your audience in that platform. If you’re like me, I’m always on social media, I stay connected through my iPhone.

Enjoy Your Family.
Entrepreneurs tend to stay extremely focused on their projects, ideas and business plans that they forget to take a breather and enjoy their family time. Take a few hours of your day and take your kids on a hike, or go have lunch with your in-laws, drink a refreshing lemonade with a high school friend. Cherish your family and friendships, they’re the ones who listen when you speak business.

Set Goals, Long Term and Short Term 🙂
My husband and I always set family goals, financial goals, and business goals. We are business mindset people, we work well with goals. It gives us a reason to exceed and become the over achievers. You make your goal time period, it can be a few days, weeks, months and years. Write it, read it, most importantly…believe it!




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