Summer Wedding Guest Outfits


I love summer weddings! Everyone enjoys a beautiful ceremony where a bride and groom share their first “Just Married” kiss. My husband and I have frequently get invited to a few weddings and we like to match accordingly (mostly my idea). Besides, we’re a couple, what woman doesn’t want her hunk to look sharp, sophisticated and sexy.


Lately, we’ve seen lots of rustic, country, western summer weddings. Which are my favorite! I have many cocktail/summer dresses in my wardrobe to wear to these fun flavorful receptions. However, my arm candy could use a few tips here and there. My husbands most comfortable shoes are his boots. He wears these everywhere! Therefore, I wanted to find an outfit that we can coordinate together. He loves the boots, those paired up with nice slacks and a vest and button up dress shirt can easily be eye catching. I love that brown can compliment soft pastel colors, which is perfect for summer weddings!  These are a few of our tips that we use to coordinate our outfits:

Tip #1  Tasteful with Class

Ladies first. Select the dress you’ll be wearing to the ceremony and reception, avoid wearing white. Don’t wear anything too flashy that will attract attention away from the bride. Yet, you don’t want to wear the typical little black dress, that’s like saying ” I couldn’t find anything, so I threw on this black dress”. You want to look tasteful, modest and of course, color coordinate with your date.

Tip #2 Men: “pattern and color” are your new BFF

Patterns and color can easily look sexy and manly. We’re not talking full color suit. Pair up some nice slacks with a dress shirt and a nice colored tie. If your date MUST wear dark colors, he can grab a tie with a splash of color. Your eye candy can wear a tie, vest, or bow tie to compliment your dress. Check out some of the great  shirts and ties they have at It’s tasteful, manly and sophisticated.

Tip #3 Smile with Confidence

Your reception attire can look as lovely and well dressed as possible, brighten it up confidence and your smile. “The best makeup is a smile. The best jewelry is modesty. The best clothing is confidence.”

Check out some great pieces I found in the summer clearance section! These can easily coordinate with a dress that you may have your eye on.

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