Learning Shapes for Toddlers 

Lately Sonny, my 3 year old has been actively trying to help cook any and every meal. I wanted to keep our cooking a bit more kid friendly and educational. We decided to chop an afternoon snack before it spoiled, our watermelon.

 After slicing up the watermelon (1 inch thick pieces) I let him use our cookie cutters to punch out shapes, letters, animals and numbers. He loved doing this! It kept him busy for a good 30 mins while I prepped a quick lunch. Who knows, maybe we’ll make our own edible arrangements DIY project next week with his skills!

You can score a nice set of 101 piece cookie cutters on Amazon for less than $15 and they’re eligible for free 2-Day shipping for the Amazon Prime members!  We purchased ours through Amazon and they were delivered very quickly and so many shapes and sizes to use. I love to use them for baking, cooking, play time (playdoh) and many other activities.  We can toss our fruit shapes into our meals and make it colorful and decorative. 


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