Healthy Meals 🍎on the Road πŸš˜

After delivering Zachary Remmy at just 32 weeks premature, our family found ourselves picking up lunch and at times dinner, on the road. It was nice when our family made home cooked meals but unfortunately we had to grab at least one meal on the road to beat time. We found a few ways to make sure and have a well balanced meal that was budget friendly and not so expensive! 

Meal Prep 

 We didn’t have the time to do a full on meal prep for the week, but in the AM I would meal prep some lunch or dinners (when time was friendly) and we didn’t have to spend extra cash in the trips to and from the hospital. You can prep some snacks or full meals to save time and money during your traveling. 

Street Food

 I love fruit carts, taco/food trucks, and those elote carts (corn carts). In Los Angeles county we have so many street food vendors that make delicious food at some not so bad prices. 

Gas Station Snacks 

Almost all mini markets or gas stations have a fruit/veggie/deli/protein bar selection. You can quickly fuel up with good healthy choices.

Fast Food – Approach with Caution!

 Who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger?! I absolutely LOVE burgers! In-N-Out is by far my favorite place, fresh food on the go. It’s the only place I can eat a lovely 3×3 without feeling guilty. If you’re going to get a burger, be sure it’s fresh and not microwaved or reheated.

What are your trips and tricks to a budget friendly meal while on the road?


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