NICU Momma: What to Expect

 Zachary Remmy has made his debut! A lovely 2 months earlier than expected, but he’s healthy, strong and we are eager to have our baby home. His scheduled c-section arrival was for May 26, 2015 and that all changed In a flash.

April 7, 2015

I woke up at midnight, exactly 32 weeks pregnant and had this odd flush feeling (similar to a heavy period/mentural cycle flow) that made me feel like I urinated or pee’d my pants. I got up to use the restroom and realized my water broke or was leaking. I had contractions that weren’t too painful so I waited until early morning to see my doctor (as I was directed after contacting the on call OBGYN). They checked my cervix (not dialated), followed by testing the fluids that I leaked, it was indeed amniotic fluid. Therefore, I went in for emergency cesarean (c-section) and less than an hour later I was a momma of two boys!

My Registered Nurse was so sweet and informed me the entire time and kept by my side. It was a bit overwhelming as I saw they scrambled to bring the Neonatal Doctors (NICU Dr) to my room and the respiratory team from NICU to inform me about the process after giving birth.

Here are some tips for new NICU Moms:

  1. NICU babies; you never know what to expect
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask ANY questions
  3. It’s ok to cry, it’s scary if you don’t expect your baby to be in the NICU
  4. Take as many photos of your little ones
  5. Take reading or story time books to read to your baby when you aren’t able to cuddle them
  6. Bring water for hydration
  7. Eat before you arrive, no food or drinks (other than water are allowed)
  8. If you have a young child going with you; take silent books, tablets with headphones, etc to keep them quiet and busy
  9. It’s if you can’t make it, the nurses understand that you may not be able to arrive, you can make many calls to check up on your baby
  10. Be sure to keep a good lotion or Vaseline on hand, all that hand washing will dry your hands out
  11. Take your cell charger!
  12. Take advantage of the medical grade breast pumps and pup while you’re there
  13. Carry Chapstick & Gum
  14. More tips coming soon!

Stay strong, everything will be okay ❤️


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