Moving Tips with Toddlers

toddler I’m 30 weeks pregnant and we’re moving this weekend, EEKk! My house seems like it’s been flipped upside down and gone through a hurricane and tornado, boxes, take, markers, random house items are in different places. It’s been crazy for the past week and will only get a little more crazy. Sonny is 3 years old and loves to help momma around the house, he’s an extremely helpful little guy, I’m blessed to have him. However, at times I feel overwhelmed that I have a toddler asking to help with every single item or box that I need to wrap, bag, box and pack. I’ve come up with some pretty good ideas on how to keep him involved and busy enough to let me prepare before he comes back asking for more duties.

Tip #1 Family to the Rescue

  • Ask family members to babysit or drop by to help, even older nephews and nieces can help keep the little ones busy

Tip #2 Crayola Markers are your Best Friend

  • If there is no help other than your eager toddler, let them help out – grab those Crayola markers!
  • Let your toddler doodle and draw on the boxes
  • Place Dotted ABC’s for them to practice Tracing
    (ABCs, KITCHEN, Numbers, Shapes, let them trace anything!)

Tip #3 Practice using Scissors 

  • Tape a box up and let them snip and cut the tape

It’s that simple, a little duty can go a LONG way!

Tip #3 Packing Toys

  • Give your toddler a few boxes to fill with toys that will be going to the new house
  • Let them use a box for donated & broken toys

Tip #4 Create a Treasure Hunts

  • Example: Allow them to hunt for tupperware based on shape, size and/or color. Let them stack plastic cups. Hunt for remotes.

Tip# 5 Take Breaks, Don’t Rush & have Patience

  • Always take breaks, those extra set of little hands and feet can get tired. Even a little PB & J with Milk snack break will go a long way, maybe long enough to have them nap for at least 2 hours.
  • Take a walk down the street to collect old newspapers that from neighbors that you can wrap some items in
  • Drop off your donation items to your local shelter or GoodWill
  • Take an Ice Cream break as a treat to your helping buddy
  • Have lots of patience and give yourself enough time to do your regular duties and pack with the help of a mini packing buddy, it will take longer but it can be done.



3 thoughts on “Moving Tips with Toddlers

  1. Wonderful tips! We’re moving in a couple of months and at the moment the thought of all those boxes is making me feel a little ill! I think that letting my kiddos help me declutter our stuff and pack them will be a fun activity. Greetings

  2. Great post! I’ll need it soon and with three kids it will be quite the adventure. I am thinking of giving every kid his own card box to take his stuff… yes, I will have to go through them after that, but it will keep them occupied, have you tried this?

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