Coming Soon: DIY Remodel Brick Fireplace

fireplaceredoMy family has been going through quite a bit of changes lately, last year we moved back to our hometown and rented our 3 bedroom 2 bath home ( 1 hour away from our hometown). We have struggled to find a renter that we can trust as it’s recently become a low-income community over the past few years and we unfortunately have to move back so we don’t have to pay rent for our apartment and a mortgage payment. Anyhow, there are a few DIY home remodeling and decoration ideas that I have and will pursue to create once we are fully moved in and ready to start small renovations. Our home is freshly painted and renovated with the help of Aurora roofing, however we have this ugly red brick fireplace in the center of our living room.


I love the idea of saving money and giving our brick fireplace and mantle a revived style. With moving expenses and a toddler, renovations will be a challenge. However, I love the idea of just a few paint brushes, painters tape and paint to clean it up. I’m sure this would be less than $100 to recreate. I’ll be posting a full DIY Remodel Brick Fireplace post soon. Stay Tuned…


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