Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Toddlers


As a young mom with a toddler, I like to make every holiday as special as possible. We rally up excitement and either bake, cook, craft or take a small trip to a local park, restaurant, etc. Sonny turned 3 years old this past summer and really loves animals. He’s a country boy, well mannered and sweet boy. He loves being outdoors and this Saturday for Valentines Day, I want to incorporate a family date. My husband and I love to enjoy a nice date alone, but somehow we always end up talking about Sonny and missing him even more. With the typical Valentines date night that most couples have, restaurant reservations, a movie, or traveling to enjoy the weekend, I think we’ll be staying off the highways and enjoy nature. What cute plans can you enjoy on Valentine’s Day with a toddler?

We will be taking Sonny to his favorite animal interaction park, where he can feed the “reindeer” (deer), ducks, cow, chickens and enjoy the hike up to a small museum where the buffalo hang out.

The deer pellets are $1.50 for a filled brown paper bag, and I’ll be making him some reindeer PB&J sandwiches (his favorite!) along with chocolate dipped strawberries so his sweet tooth isn’t overwhelmed with all the V-Day goodies and candies that they sell in stores.




Check out this simple and cute heart-shaped reindeer snack/sandwich for toddlers. It’s part of my toddler-friendly valentines date idea.

reindeersammy1You will need:

  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Pretzels
  • Raisins
  • Red Chocolate Dot candy
  • Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter
  1. Make a few PB & J Sandwiches (1 sandwich will make 2 reindeer)
  2. Use Cookie Cutter to stamp out two hearts out of one sandwich
  3. Snip and cup 1 raisin in half, apply a smudge of peanut butter on it so it will stick to the outer part of the heart to make reindeer eyes
  4. Place 2 pretzels inside sandwich, slightly sticking out to create antlers
  5. Use a red chocolate dot candy with a slight smudge of peanut butter and stick it as the nose
  6. Ready to serve!

I will be packing these in a small tupperware and taking them on our picnic lunch with Sonny and my husband.

To make this trip a little romantic for my husband and I, of course Sonny will enjoy these just as much as we will. I will dip strawberries in chocolate and dust them with almond nuts or crumbs. Check out a nice recipe here, if you don’t know how to toss these yummy treats together. Enjoy your toddler friendly valentines date!




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