How can short women look taller?



I’m one of those short women who wish they were much taller! Personally, I’m not a heels type of young lady, I love to rock some comfortable sneakers, tall boots, cowboy/ country boots, and flats every now and then. Which isn’t the greatest for my height. I own quite a bit of heels and they just sit in my closet. I love clogs, they look adorable with boot cut jeans. Here are a few tips on how us short ladies can look taller, thinner and feel tall for the day.

1. Wear Vertical prints instead of Horizontal. We all know that cute stripped shirt will make us look wider (horizontal), opt for a beautiful button up with an adorable floral print.

2. Use different colors. Try and avoid a dark jean with a dark jean coat, instead, use a nice colorful blazer and those fabulous jeans that fit perfectly.

3. Solid Colors & Small Print. Single colored tops are the best way to go, besides, you can layer and match your outfit with anything. If you go for print, avoid large print shirts, they just make you look shorter.

4. No Baggy Clothes. Any short person should really avoid this, it looks sloppy, big and doesn’t do anything to shape your beautiful body. Don’t hide it, be proud and wear what makes you feel attractive.

5. Short Hair, Wear it. Long hair can make short ladies look shorter and can drown that lean tall look. I personally love short hair, I may go back to a cute A-Line Bob.

6. Long Hair, Pin it Up. Wearing a nice up-do or pony tail that is slightly styled, makes a big difference. It makes your face look slimmer.

7. Wear Boot Cut Jeans. Don’t go with the wide leg pant, unless you’re going with a tall heel.

8. Heels are your BFF. The best way to add height, heels.

9. Ditch the Big Purse! These make us look like we’re going on a hike, ditch the bulky handbags.

10. Wear V-Necks. They make a difference, a simple shirt with a lower neck line can enhance your figure and height.


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