Starbucks Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich: Copy-Cat with Avocado!



I just purchased my very first reduced- fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich from Starbucks. It was a big disappointment. It looks amazing, they serve it so warm, that you’d think it’s fresh. We all know it’s not fresh. They just heat up and toss it in a cute bag and you’re satisfied. Since I usually always make my own sandwiches, I wanted to share a filling Breakfast Sandwich recipe that is even better than what they serve at Starbucks, and you can make this while you’re putting your Make Up on, getting ready for school or work. This is a healthy well-balanced meal for the kids too!


You will need:

Organic English Muffin
1.5 – 1 cup of egg whites
1/4 Avocado
1 handful of Spinach
2 Slices of Turkey Bacon
1 Slice of Reduced Fat – White Cheddar Cheese
Light Spread of Mustard (optional)

The only “cooking” would be to cook the egg whites, turkey bacon (unless you buy the pre-cooked version) and heat or toast up your english muffin (optional). I love this recipe, as it’s a lot healthier than buying a $3.50 breakfast sandwich that isn’t too delicious. The avocado really gives it tons of flavor and it’s a low calorie meal.

Only 335 Calories
27 grams of Protein

Where as the Starbucks version is 250 calories and 13grams of protein.
It’s plain, flavorless, and gross. It felt like it was a McDonald’s muffin sandwich.


(Thanks, LessWithBread!)


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