Fall Must-Have Beauty and Fashion Items



Happy October! This month highlights Fall and it’s cute fashion and cozy style. A few things that I can’t go without during this beautiful color changing season, it’s my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait to for California to catch up on this colder and crisp weather. We’re slowly getting there…slowly. Besides, this could make the cutest date night outfits for that chilly weather heading our way. These are a few of the items I can’t go without during the holiday and colder weather days:

Moisturizer – My skin gets dry so easily, especially my hands and face. I always carry a hand moisturizer in my purse and lip balm. There’s nothing less attractive than having those dried hands and lips during the romantic cuddle season.

Knit Hats – I wear hats every day. Literally! I could not go without a nice crochet beanie this fall, I even have those headband warmers, which look soooo adorable when your hair is down and curled.

Brown Bag – Any color is nice and could easily match beautifully with fall. I have a few different colored body bags and purses that can be worn with boots and a simple shirt. Give yourself a nice little satchel purse.

Cozy Coat – Every lady could cuddle up in a coat that will actually keep us warm from the gusty wind, that could easily be layered.

Cute Cardigan – Of course, cardigans are a MUST for fall 2014. When we talk, layering, this is the sweater to grab and go. The thin layer that can be worn under a hefty coat and still look adorable and feel comfortable when you arrive for dinner or coffee.

Tall Boots – any tall boot will tie up a fashion piece.

Scarf – Although I forgot to add this to the image, it’s another fall and winter signature fashion item. We can never have too many!

Dark Make Up – I’m not talking black, gothic or anything wild like that. We’re talk about some soft violet, plum, red, and beautiful color to make your face warmer with a hint of pop.

What are some fall items that you MUST-HAVE? 


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