DIY: Cute Fall Boot Cuffs



We all love fall and it’s  cute layering style. There are so many cute outfits that you can create with a simple set of boots. One of my fashion items are boots and layers, so why not combine them together? I’ve created some adorable boot cuffs that are under $10 and I can make multiple sets! Check out this easy DIY Fall Boot Cuff tutorial:

You will need:

Lace Material (any style material)
Fabric Clothing Tape
Buttons or cute Accessories

Step 1 – Grab your lace material and measure your the size that will fit around your leg
Step 2 – Cut the lace material in the size that you need
Step 3 – Add the Fabric Tape to create a slightly snug cuff
Step 4 – You can add a few buttons with a Hot Glue gun or sew them on


If you’re like me, sewing is definitely not something I can master. I can glue like a Mo’Fo! Another way to make adorable winter or fall boot cuffs is to use an old sweater.

DIY: No Sew Boot Cuffs with an Old Sweater
1. Slip your leg into the arm sleeve and see where you’d like to cut
2. Chop Chop with scissors
3. Ta-Da! You’re done and you don’t need to glue or sew!


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