Wet N Wild Lipstick Review: 545A Blushing Bali and 902C Bare It All



I’ve been on a hunt for a beautiful nude color lipstick, it seems impossible to find. However, I decided to try the Wet N Wild 545A and Wet N Wild 902C  lipsticks. I figured since they look like something I could wear in the fall, why not? Check out the deep color I got  from the Blushing Bali and the nude pale color from Bare It All. I didn’t like the way the Bare It All nude colored looked on me, it was too bright for my skin tone and pale. If it had a slight tint of pink and not so much of a peach look, I think it would be perfect. This is something I may end up tossing, I don’t plan to use it, unless I go with a colored gloss over it.



The swatches are Blushing Bali (left) and Bare It All (right). They both are lipsticks with a nice smooth finish. The nude Bare It All color is definitely a matte finish. The Blushing Bali is slightly matte but has a little shimmer, almost nothing at all, but a tiny hint.


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