Product Review: Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System & Make Up Remover




If you’ve ever dropped by the mall or a department store and the Clinique reps try and get you to sample a product or get your make up  done, try it! There’s definitely a few items I love from their brand. I purchased the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System a few months ago and it was pretty life changing, as far as skin. I’m not obsessed with a the entire system but here are my thoughts of each item:

Keep in mind, there are different types of skin care systems, for Oily, Dry and all those in between. 

Liquid Facial Soap – Step 1. It works great! Cleans my fave very well, it doesn’t dry my skin out. I don’t think I’d purchase this item individually, only if I wanted the entire skin car system again. It is very slippery and soft, but I wouldn’t buy get too excited over it. It’s just a facial wash and you don’t have to spend so much and go buy something at your local Target or drug store.

Clarifying Lotion – Step 2. The name is confusing, but it’s actually a toner, I simply grab one or two cotton balls, dab some of the toner and wipe down my face. I seriously LOVE this! It makes my pores feel open and refreshed. They can breathe! I would definitely by this item alone, individually and not buy the whole kit. I’ve used a few other toners and they’re just as good. If I was brand loyal, I’d stick to the Clinique skin toner. TWO THUMBS UP!

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – Step 3. I think this product of the whole 3-step system is my least favorite. It is too watery, not thick at all. It runs on your hand and fingers if you don’t rub into your skin quickly. I would never purchase this product again, it’s not for my skin. I actually feel as if it dries my skin.



Take The Day Off – Make up remover is nothing too special, just something that is oily and removes your eye make up, lashes and lips. It runs smooth and feels silky. It’s similar to the make up removers you can buy at a local drug store. Isn’t too special but if you’re brand loyal to Clinique, it’s not too over priced. I personally, would only buy the skin toner instead.

You can check out my review on the Almost Lipstick Black Honey by Clinique. I absolutely love that product! I will forever purchase it for the rest of my life! It gives your natural lip color a great boost.


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