Product Review: Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer for Pets




One of my pet peeves is a funky smelling home due to my pets. I’ve always searched for the best Odor Eliminator or Neutralizer  so that my house and furniture doesn’t have a weird smell. Let’s face it, when guest are over…it can be embarrassing. I don’t let my dogs jump on my furniture or lay on my bed, but when they lay against it just after a long walk, my nose cringes. As much as we try to breeze open the doors and windows to let in fresh air, or light candles and spray those beautifully scented misters, pet odor can slowly creep out. Lately I’ve been very happy to have found something that definitely neutralizers and removes the odor. Of course it’s not permanent but it does the job when I get a “wiff” of that funky dog smell. I found the Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer for Pets at Walmart for less than $2. It was between $1.88-$1.98, a very good find! I love the scent, it’s not over powering and just perfect. There’s different sprays, but this one is designed to help remove the odor of our fur-babies and little four-legged creatures. There’s also a few coupons every now and then that will make this product less than $1. I highly recommend this to my friends and family. It helps beautify the smell of your home.



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