Product Review: ELF All Over Color Stick – Eyes Lips Face



I decided to try this product to highlight my cheeks, I have a round face and high cheek bones, yet they’re hidden under chubby cheeks. I was hoping the E.L.F. All Over Color Stick for your Lips, Eyes and Face would work for me. Definitely does not. It has lots of shimmer and is a stubborn paste. I had to give it a try since I’ve seen some random make up tutorials that seem to work for others. Yet, maybe it’s my skin tone? I couldn’t resist trying it since it was literally less than $2. It’s been sitting in my make up basket and hasn’t been used since I tried the product.

I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone with a medium-dark skin tone, it’s too light and shimmery for us tan ladies. However, it does look great on the more light and fare skin tones. I absolutely didn’t like now paste-like it was, felt like a wax and not creamy at all. If it were creamy or easily to smear and smudge, I’d say it’s a full on perfect quick and inexpensive brightener. Unless you’re willing to try and have fare skin tone, I’d pass this product and save that extra $2.


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