Cute Fall Headbands and Ear Warmers

Prana Reversible Headband $9.99


NOTE: Click the Image and it will redirect you to the product

Now that the weather is slowing changing (well at least in my area, Southern  California) I have been shopping around for fall and winter outfits. Making sure that I have a cute and stylish wardrobe on a budget. Who doesn’t like to look cute with tall boots, a nice headband and wrap up your look with a dark lipstick and cute curls? Now that I’m letting my hair grow, I have finally been able to search around for cute fall and winter headbands, something that will keep my ears warm and cozy, or keep my hair out of my face. Check out some item’s that I found and haven’t fully decided on which one I’m going to buy…

Etsy $13 Fall Chevron Turban Headband



Etsy: $19 Charcoal Gray Warm Headband

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