Cute Scarf for Fall 2014

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I love to cuddle up in a scarf, grab a hot cocoa or hot tea and wear cute comfy clothes during the fall and winter. Sometimes I’ll get dolled up with make up, curl my hair and wear a sweet fall sweater that can also be used during the winter. As I’ve mentioned before, that this season I’ve focused on trying to get more into fashion as I’m just a “plain jane”.  I have tons of scarves that can be used with multiple outfits, however I’m still searching for a beautiful plum colored infinity scarf. Do you stay within a budget when it comes to shopping for these accessories? I like to stay under $15 but closer to about $8. The most I’ve spent on a Scoodie was $25, and I had both of them custom made from a local crochet designer. I love them! Here’s just a simple and lovely style that I’m aiming for:




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