How to Save Money on Clothing, Groceries and Beauty Products



Ever feel like you’re paying too much for Drugstore beauty products? If you’re on a budget and like to save money on your clothing, beauty, skin and hair products…there’s a way! I like to share promotions that I find and post them, so anything you’d like to check out, be sure to drop by often and see what I post. I’m not necessarily a brand snob when it comes to clothing, beauty products or anything in general. I absolutely love getting a great deals that don’t make my bank account drop drastically. Here are a few tips I’d like to share when it comes to saving money on clothing and beauty products:



Print Coupons or Download Apps doesn’t just have grocery coupons, they even link great discount offers with stores like: Nike, PacSun, Nordstrom, etc.

When you know you’re going to drop by  for groceries or swing by Target, Walmart, any drugstore…click to print just a few coupons that’ll possibly save you at least $5 or more. Most beauty products always have coupons and promotional offers on their Facebook Page, Instagram, or websites. It will take an extra few mins, but who wouldn’t want to save.



For instance, JC Penney always offers these great $10 off coupon when you spend at least $25, making your purchase only $15 if you stick to the $25 limit. I absolutely love these, especially during the holidays. I always get my dad those graphic tees that are on sale and match this up. He loves those cheesy graphic tees! LOL! 😀




Cash Back Coupons:
Always check your favorite cash back coupons, like Kohl’s Cash, Old Navy Super Cash, The Children’s Place (savings for the kiddos),  etc. They have expiration dates, but hey, it’s better to get a free item that you can give as gift, or spoil yourself with a mini shopping haul.

Hit the Clearance and Sale Racks!
I love to shop during the opposite season! We all have our own styles and it’s at times difficult to find something that’s adorable and matches this season fashion while staying on track with your budget. When I shop for my son, I always buy his pants during the summer, as he grows so quickly and boys always wear jeans or shorts. During the summer I always start my holiday shopping, it’s amazing what cute items you can score for dirt cheap.

Price Match
Of course we know that we  can save on groceries with price matching, but I’m talking beauty/hair/health, toys, electronics and everything else too! For example, last Christmas, I scored amazing deals for my little lovelies – the kids! I saw that Amazon Prime offered amazing prices on Mike The Knight, Lala-Loopsie, V-Tech toys and much more, so I found those items on my phone, took a screen shot and drove over to Toys R Us and Target, they gladly took the price match and gave me the deal. I scored a $40 Mike the Knight toy for only $10. Each store has their own policies, just a heads up to review them.

Shop Online
Save time and gas, shop online. Most websites offer better sales and coupon codes when you shop directly online. You can check out places like Retail Me Not for coupon codes that give you free shipping or discount promotions.

Save with
If you love food as much as I do, and you love to go eat and dine in, check out and save yourself up to 60% off your food tab. You can purchase a $50 meal coupon for only $25 and take the whole family out for a nice dinner. You simply type in your zip code and the optional style of dinner you’re looking to enjoy, and they provide a list of restaurants in your area that participate.

Rewards Cards
Most places now have downloadable apps to use as a rewards card, so you don’t have to add an additional card to your keychain. Nobody forgets their cell phone, an app is the best way to go. Just download the app and save on the go, with little to no effort. You can save on groceries by using the downloadable Safeway and Walmart apps.

I hope this helps!


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