My Weekend Shopping Haul: Fall Boots and Purse


Is it me, or did this weekend go by way too fast? I wasn’t quite ready to head back to work this morning but I absolutely have to share what I scored this weekend at Marshalls. I’ve been hunting down a great bargain for Fall Boots and a multi colored body bag to match different colored boots I want to buy. I couldn’t  believe what I bought for such a great deal!


I found the most adorable coral peachy colored tank top and almost crop top style shirt for $7 on clearance. I love how it goes so well with fall and summer, the color is just beautiful. It’s original price was $18, I’m a happy camper! I can’t go without those delish organic lollipops, they’re the best in the entire world. Plus, they’re only 5 calories each and made from real fruit juice. Anyhow, the boots are Tommy Hilfigure, normally $60, however I got these fall boots for $29.99 because I wear a seize 5 and the kids selection had these priced just right! I couldn’t resist, aren’t they adorable. I love how they have two different colors, a dark brown almost back and dark brown. The body soap smells absolutely beautiful, one of my favorite inexpensive finds. The blue Adidas Body Mist is going to stay in my car, I need something to spray before and after my workout sessions and sometimes I drive out the the park or the gym and seriously, you may run into someone and nobody likes to be funky smelling. I like to sweat and smell good, not gross. The little beauty sponge was only $2.99 and it retails at nearly $20 for a similar style. The satchel body bag matches my boots so well, it’s definitely going to be one of my favorite bags this 2014 fall. It’s also made from vegan leather and is eco-friendly. Later this evening, when I get home I’ll post each item, the brand name and exact cost. I just had to post!


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