I was nominated for the Liebster Award!



I’m excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Award! It’s a great award that gives new bloggers, like myself some form of presence in the blogging community. It’s excited to know that I’m not just typing away my thoughts into space. I’m so happy that Lifestyle For Less nominated me, thanks Leanne! Drop by and check out her blog, I love it, she has a variety of topics that are cute, interesting and fun. What I love, is that she’s a fellow blogger who likes to live a beautiful life on a budget. Plus, she’s got great and honest reviews.

Here are some of the questions she passed along:

1. What is your most recent purchase?
I just went to Marshalls today and bought some Tommy Hilfigure Boots, a cute coral tank top, body soap, beauty make up sponge, Adidas Body Spray, Organic Lollipops,  and an adorable body bag that matches my boots. I’ll be posting about it soon!

2. What is your favourite clothing store and why?
I absolutely love Forever21 and G-Stage, they’re very similar. Affordable and I love how they have a variety of styles in their clothing but also in the accessories.

3. Would you rather spend more on 1 product or less on several products?
I’ve always been a penny pincher, there’s no way I’d spend lots of money on 1 item when I could bargain for multiple products.

4. Real flowers or artificial ones and why?
Real flowers, the only thing I don’t like about artificial ones….they get dusty and real ones have much more beauty.

5. What is your favorite perfume?
I LOVE “Romance” by Ralph Lauren! It makes me feel sexy, beauty and boost my confidence with a quick spray or two.

6. Do you prefer a full face of make up or no make up at all?
I wear very little make up, so I’d have to go with no-make up at all. The only few things I wear are foundation, blush or bronzer and lip gloss/chapstick. If I must wear a full face of make up, I’ll bring out the liquid foundation and the rest of the gang.

7. What is your favorite color and is it also your favorite color to wear? (For example, my favorite color is pink, but my favorite color to wear is probably black)
My favorite color is Green, but I love to wear neutral colors, especially black.

8. Bright colors or neutrals?
Neutrals, however, I’m trying to give more color to my wardrobe.

9. Do you always wear accessories with an outfit and how important do you think they are?
Lately, I’ve been trying to wear more accessories. They definitely put an extra beauty to fashion.

10. Is it more important to be fit and healthy or happy?
Definitely to be happy, however, my happiness is being fit and healthy so that I can live a long life with my family. Too many diseases run in my family due to their poor health. I refuse to be a part of that trend.

11. What made you start writing a blog?
I have always been a money saver and loved fitness. Therefore, I created this blog to share the products I purchase, review them and share my savings on the items I buy. As well as giving a few recipes and fitness tips that keep me happy and healthy along the way. Every now and then I’ll post a not-so-healthy item and like to share those extra yummy recipes.


I’d love to nominate some new blogs I’ve been following:

Girl, InTransition – Jen is an Army veteran, wife and runner! I love her blog, it’s unique and has yummy Herbalife recipes! I’m always up for trying new recipes!

AbeautyAndAbeast – Aimee has an adorable colorful blog that is a bit fitness related with some personal goal postings. I love keeping up with people who have goals, it gives me this encouragement to follow through with my personal goals and see that I’m not alone in this “happy and healthy” lifestyle goal.

My Beloveds Beauty – Lizzie is a beauty and fashion blogger that I recently came across, and let’s just say…I love her style! Her blog is also very girly and makes you instantly feel like you’re shopping with her!

Drop by and check out their blogs!

Here are my questions for the ladies and bloggers I’ve nominated:

1. What is your favorite beauty product?
2. Do you prefer cardio or weight training?
3. Mexican food or Italian food? What’s your favorite dish?
4. Do you shop online? Or would you rather buy from an actual store?
5. What’s your favorite movie?
6. What country and/or state are you from?
7. How often do you post?
8. What are 5 things you can’t leave your house without?
9. Do you like to workout at home or in a gym?
10. What spark an interest that made you start blogging?


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