Eyebrow Threading vs Eyebrow Waxing

What lady doesn’t love a fresh clean eyebrow fix?  The one thing I can honestly, never go without….are clean eyebrows. I constantly get compliments on them and I feel as they give me this beautifying presence that makes me feel 100% better when they’re clean and not wild.



I would constantly go to my local beauty salon and get my brows waxed, I felt as thought I would constantly get that regret about a week later. Why?  I’d break out and the redness was horribly bright. As I got older, I started to follow the eyebrow threading trend. I’m so happy with the outcome and there’s no way I’d ever g back to waxing. I’ll list my person reasons why I choose threading over waxing. Here are a few reasons tips to consider:


Instant  Clean Up
Typically less than 10 mins for brows
Completely Hairless

Skin Irritation
Visible hair line after waxing
Skin can break






No Skin Irritation
Natural Look
Less Painful
Minimal to Zero percentage of skin breaking
No Visible hair line after threading
No Break outs

Typical appointments are 10-20 mins






6 thoughts on “Eyebrow Threading vs Eyebrow Waxing

  1. I get my eyebrows threaded for 8 dollars and it usually only lasts 5-10 minutes.. However I experience horrid pain and my skin gets pretty red for about an hour or so and they’re kind of puffy for a few hours even after the red fades; however I love it too much and they look fuller and lovelier. I have extremely sensitive skin and threading is better than waxing.. Even if it’s painful.

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