Jessica Simpson Justine Wallet – Leather, Dark Brown, and Studs



One of my favorite items that’s in my purse, is hands down my  Jessica Simpson Justine Wallet. It’s a perfect dark brown leather with cute little studs. It’s durable and just amazing! I actually get disappointed when I don’t find a handbag that my wallet fits into. When I was searching for a brown wallet that would naturally go with any color of brown bag, it took me…Forever!

This typically runs for about $50, I found this in a little pile of ugly wallets at Ross, for only $15! I got compliments on this at the checkout, women were asking me if there was any other duplicates. I loved that it has a button snap, I dislike zipper and magnetic wallets, I seem to have bad luck with them and they break. It holds up my rewards cards, debit and Pay-Pal card. Typical drivers license, AAA and Costco Membership cards, and my checkbook. You never know when you’ll need that old fashion check book. I have the dark brown color, hope you’ll like it as much as I do…but here’s what the wallet style looks like:





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