Cute Fall Handbag: Jessica Simpson Alia Purse

Jessica Simpson Alia Body Bag $15.99 (orig. $58.99)


Isn’t this  the cutest round bag? Will fall and winter just around the corner, this would look seriously adorable with any tall boots, jeans, or fancy little pea-coat! I absolutely love the design it has, I would even use this all year, during Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! It could be easily matched with any adorable outfit. I’m going to be purchase this for only $15.99 and free shipping! I don’t carry too much, a simple Chapstick or lip gloss, mirror, wallet, and my cell phone, 1 pull-up and small wipes for Sonny. It’s perfect for my quick, LETS GO and look cute purse. I’m excited for this new find and deal I scored. Interested in this adorable body bag for Fall 2014? Check it out and let me know how you like it, view it here.


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