Product Review: Remove Dandruff with Head & Shoulders 2 Min. Scalp Treatment



If there is one product that I must carry in my house for my scalp and hair, it must be the Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp Care 2 Minute Moisturizer Scalp & Hair Treatment. It works miracles. When I moved from California to North Carolina  with my husband (military orders)…my scalp had a horrible experience with the different environment. I basically had the worst dandruff you could ever image! I could scratch off chunks of those gross white flakes. I would never wear my hair down or go get it cut because it was sooo embarrassing. When I moved back to California, to the desert area, it slightly went away. However, I went from humid weather to dry heat. I looked into different products, went to beauty schools to see what the instructors would recommend and they would give me a $20 bottle (8 0z.) of this smelly shampoo. It finished within a month! I used it as directed and it gave took at least 2 wks to removed my dandruff.


However, once I used the 2 min. scalp and hair treatment from Head & Shoulders, it performed a miracle and my dandruff went away over night! I could not believe how amazingly fast it worked. I no longer have this issue because of such an amazing product. It smells soooo refreshing and is as soft as conditioner. I personally, use it when I feel like my scalp needs it (typically once a month). I do not follow with conditioner, as it already feels so soft just like conditioner. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has trouble with their scalp, or is constantly wondering how to remove dandruff.


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