My OOTN: Black Cute Dress with a Masquerade Mask



I will be attending my cousins quinceanera this weekend, Aug. 30. I was stressing out, trying to find a cute black dress on a budget. I really don’t like to spend so much money on dresses that I won’t wear as often as I’d like. Therefore, I went on a dress hunt all Saturday evening. I finally found this adorable black and white dress at G-Stage, for literally less than $30! I fell in love with it’s simplicity. I was looking for a specific black and white or just black cocktail dress that would fit and match the masquerade mask I purchased. Check it out…



I am absolutely in love with the mask, I found it at Party  City for $15. The reason why I purchased it, I have a small nose. It’s difficult to find sunglasses, eye glasses, anything that sits on my nose…that will actually stay on comfortably. I may just use some zebra print pumps that have a hint of red on them. I would love to just wear red pumps. To try and find them on a busy work week is my only challenge.


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