Saturday Fun: Ranch, Shoot Range, Birthday Party and Family!



This weekend, I picked up a new hobby. My husband is a former U.S. Marine and has always had a passion for firearms, military tactical gear and everything else that goes along with it. I personally never had an interest in it. He would purchase firearms and I just saw it as his hobby. I had previously gone to the shoot range with him before and with a shotgun and my 4’11 short self, I didn’t have much interest. I felt like the recoil was just too strong. However, this weekend we took his new Sig Sauer P556 gun and WOW! I have a new found enjoyment with firearms. I was so nervous to shoot this heavy gun that could do serious damage. It’s so much fun, practicing and actually hitting the targets out on the range. It was comfortable and easy. We have a few other guns that weren’t my favorite, as I have tiny hands and it’s a bit difficult to hold them properly with a good grip. I definitely will be going out to the range with him, it felt great to bond with him and to enjoy something that has a passion for.





My dad and a few other family members joined us. My dad (the one wearing grey) was also a pretty good shot. I have to admit my husband is a great shooter. They were both in the military, so it was more than an enjoyment for them. It gave them a happiness that made their whole weekend, a great one!

We also dropped by the ranch Saturday morning to take Sonny out for his horseback lessons. He is really picking up the reins and holding them and directing the horses. Truly building leadership skills and is so independent at such a young age.






He jumped on the tractor and took a long two hour nap soon after we got home. It was a long day, we then were heading out my nephews 3rd birthday and ended the day at my mother-in-laws house with more family. Enjoying some pizza and laughs. It’s the simple things in life that build memories and fill our days with smiles, laughter and happiness.


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