Cute Fall Outfits 2014

Cute-Fall-Outfits-For-Middle-School 1111 polyvore12 cute-casual-winter-outfit-2014


I’m a very “plain jane”, this year my goal is to wear cute outfits and really accessorize. I have tons of cute bangles, earrings, shoes, handbags and tons of clothes! For some reason, I always go back to the same exact outfits, same boring style. That’s all going to change, now actually mix and max different textures, styles and accessories with no fear. Fall and Winter are my favorite season of the year! Unfortunately it doesn’t get too chilly in Southern California, so a few long sleeves, sweaters and thin outwear coats will do just fine. Aren’t  these outfits adorable?!

If you by chance find any of these pieces or styles online, do share the link, I’d love to start shopping for some nice cold weather clothing.


3 thoughts on “Cute Fall Outfits 2014

  1. Hi! I love this share, and I am excited for you to be bold in your style! If you are in search of some great accessories, I sell very affordable and adorable accessories! My website is! One of my favorites for Fall is our “Scarfed for Attention” necklace! Also, just an FYI, Sears has some great puffer vests on sale for Fall layering! They can take some getting used to, but they are super adorable and fun! Xoxo

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