Eye Make Up Irritates Me, Tips Please?



I’m not one to wear eye make up, not because I don’t like it. I hate that my eyes get soooo irritated with mascara, eye-liner, and sometimes eye shadow. I’d love to hear some of your tips or remedies to help with the redness. I have tried different types of eye drops. The lubricated, medicated, etc. they don’t seem to work too much as the redness always comes back. I’ve even thought, maybe I just have sensitive eyes?

Not sure, I’m just hoping someone has a tip that won’t ruin my eye make up after it’s applied. Thanks in advance! I’m eager to try some of your tips..


7 thoughts on “Eye Make Up Irritates Me, Tips Please?

  1. Have you tried purely organic products? You probably just have very sensitive eyes poor thing, but it’s always a possibility you’re allergic to certain ingredients! Have a look around for some purely organic and natural products and see if that makes a difference. (As it won’t have any dodgy chemicals in it) Emma x

  2. My mom had the same problem and I was searching and searching for products which she can use without worrying..
    After a while I found it: organic products !
    It was really the only thing she could apply on without having irritations around the eye..
    But You should defiantly avoid products with silicones in it..

    I hope I helped you a little bit 🙂

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