Sonny’s Mini-Birthday Celebration!



We are so excited for our little Sonny! He’s 3 years old! On August 5, we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate his birthday with some Pizza, Cake, and Games! It was definitely a great time! His actually family BBQ Birthday Party is this weekend. We’re celebrating at a local park, getting a mechanical bull, lovely cowboy cake, a roping dummy and some delicious food. I have been blessed with such an incredible little cowboy. Just to give you a quick update, this past month has been wild crazy and fun. Every weekend we take Sonny down to his horseback lessons.



He gets on the biggest horse they have on the ranch, and absolutely love sit! Every week he’ll enjoy his 1 hour lesson, he puts the reins and saddle on the horse, guides it back to it’s stable. Gives them a brush down before and after the lesson. He loves to give them carrots. Our little cowboy is the youngest of them all at the ranch, they get a thrill out of him. His passion for the ranch life and animals, truly melts my heart.

Stay tuned…there is much more to come!


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