Herbalife Fraud and Lies



Ok, let’s get this straight…you will NOT be a millionaire over night. Nor will it take you a year, multiple years, etc. Herbalife does not promise anything when you invest into it’s business. As a distributor that is slowly growing in the so called “pyramid scheme” I have never been told that I was going to make more money for my investment. In fact, I was informed that by becoming a distributor and helping people maintain their weight, loose weight, or gain weight and muscle….that I could potentially earn some extra cash to help me buy my products at a discount.

Never did any of my coaches inform me that I would be investing hundreds of dollars to double or triple my investment. I have literally never invested $1 into this business. I have, however…. invested in my health. By choosing to become an Herbalife Distributor, I wanted to receive the awesome discounted rate, the ability to resell the products and earn a few extra dollars for selling the same products I use successfully. By allowing their distributors to resell the products at full retail price, they can earn a commission percentage ranging from 25-50% profit of their sale (depending on their rank status).  Some distributors may decide to never sell the product and just receive the discounted rate for themselves and achieve their fitness goals with the products.

Since I do sell Herbalife (every now and then), I don’t rely on it as my only source of income, like many others, I have a full time job that supports my lifestyle. The only way you could make a decent amount of income off Herbalife is if you build a team of coaches. Each coach must set their own goals to reach and achieve them so that the team leader can receive a commission check based off the sales of the team. Then, each team member can build a mini team within each other and grown their own home-based business. Don’t  expect to become a millionaire when you’re selling 1 shake per week. It takes time, dedication and sales determination to achieve an income with Herbalife.



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