Product Review: Hamilton Beach Blender



There’s one thing that I would like to take advantage of in the early mornings. Blending together a refreshing Herbalife Protein Banana and Cinnamon Shake! Unfortunately since my toddler, Sonny is such a light sleeper, I can’t make them with my loud noisy blender. With a small apartment and Sonny’s room near the kitchen, doesn’t help. Therefore, I recently checked out the Hamilton Beach Blender – Single Serve Travel Cup, just amazing!

I loved that it allows me to use this without making so much noise, it has one button and speed, the cup allows you to travel and pick up to go. The lid is flexible and just great for a quick sip and works excellent when you’re driving and it sets in your vehicle. I used milk, protein powder, and a banana, which it broke down and blended instantly without leaving banana chunks.

 You can buy this at Walmart, Target, etc.
Just about any location, prices range from $14.99-$19.99



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