Antipasto Salad



Try this yummy Antipasto Salad recipe! I absolutely enjoyed this with a side of Carne Asada. A bit odd of a mix, but I wasn’t quite full since my Co-Workers all shared a large salad. I was still a hungry caterpillar.  We ordered this yummy salad and I found the exact same recipe on Tender Tummy’s blog.

You will need:
1/2 head romaine lettuce, chopped
1/2 head red leaf lettuce, chopped
1/2 head iceberg lettuce, chopped
1 cup canned red kidney beans, rinsed and patted dry
1 cup canned garbanzo beans, rinsed and patted dry
8 ounces salami slices, cut and quartered
6 ounces Provolone Cheese, cubed
cherry tomatoes (6-10 or as much as you’d like), cut in half lengthwise
Red Wine Vinaigrette

Chop, then Toss it all together and you’re ready to enjoy a delish meal!

Let me know what you think, I’m the type that sticks to my regular salad  and typically don’t like to try new things. My typical salads are: caesar, green, & grilled chicken salad.


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