Sonny’s 3rd Birthday Party!



Here are some cute sneak peaks to Sonny’s Western and Rodeo themed birthday party. We are getting the exact cake as his 2nd birthday, as the previous year it arrived smashed and horribly ugly. Long story. We are excited to have the same style for him as he still loves farm animals with all of his tiny little heart. Now that we’ve introduced him to the Rodeo life, he’s even more excited!



There will be Moo – Pops, three-tiered and wrapped up for a small party favor. These are marshmallow treats for the children that attend. We’re going to rent a mechanical bull and host this birthday at a local park. It will be a fun and thrilling.



We found the cutest bull piñata and will be stuffing it away with candy and goodies. I have a large family, we’ll have a buffet food bar which will include: Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad and Biscuits. Who wouldn’t have that for supper?



The kids get to collect all of their candies with a simple brown paper loot bag. Nothing special, as we know this all gets thrown away. They only care about the candy. Therefore, I just got simple brown bags, will be buying some ribbon or burlap style yard to tie them up. I don’t like to place too many toy-like fillers. They always get thrown away. I’m placing Piggy Erasers, Farm animal Temporary Tattoos, and 2 full size candy bars.


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