Product Review: Sync Burn Fitness Watch



Here’s a lovely new product I can’t wait to share with you all! I recently purchased a Sync Burn Fitness Watch. It’s got so many awesome details for anyone who is trying to track their fitness. Truly, I love this new watch, it’s cute and stylish. I purchased mine at Dick’s Sporting Good for $130, you can get it on sale right now on Amazon for $40! Check out the details:


  • Syncs to Iphone 4s & Iphone 5
  • Syncs to MapMyFitness app
  • BlueTooth
  • Waterproof
  • 1 year Battery Life
  • Tracks Heart Rate
  • Tracks Calories Burned in a workout
  • Tracks Calories Burned in a 24 hour day period
  • Tracks Steps
  • Tracks Distance
  • Stop Watch
  • Glow-Back Light
  • Gives Date/Time
  • Allows you to set Daily Goals for Distance, Steps,  Calories
  • Custom to your Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, Gender
  • Times and tracks workout sessions
  • Reversible colored sleeves/bands that are interchangeable
  • Comfortable


  • Not compatible with Androids
  • Tracking for distance is slightly off, for example ( if you ran 1.25 miles, says you ran 1.24 miles) NO BIGGIE

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