Cute Women’s Crotchet Hat $1.65 on Amazon


I love shopping for sales and deals, I typically buy my fall and winter fashion and clothing wear during the summer. It’s rare that I’ll have a shopping spree with clothing that actually matches the season we’re currently in. Therefore, I do hunt around for great bargains. I stumbled across this adorable women’s crochet hat for only $1.65!

I love hats, it’s almost impossible to catch me without one. Now that my hair is shoulder length, I can actually style it and let my hair down to create a cute OOTD. Check out this a hat on Amazon, shipping is only $1.99, therefore, the total for this crotchet fashion hat is only $3.64!

Claire’s sells these for $19.99+

This would look sooo cute with some brown boots, leggings or jeans with a cute loose shirt. Toss on a few accessories and you’ll look comfy and cute.


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