Product Review: Using Elmer’s Glue for Blackheads



Let’s face it, we all have black heads! With so many different products available, who has the time and money to be spending on different items that might not work? I don’t! I’ve invested so much money, constantly spending so much time on different products to see what works best for black head removal. I get stumped!

Recently, I was searching through YouTube and was viewing so many videos of girls and women using Elmer’s Glue to clean out their pores. It’s a non-toxic product, safe enough for children to be around, I decided, why not give it a try? Besides, I already had some at home because I do lots of arts and crafts with my son.

Just dab a small amount of glue on your nose, spread a thin layer around your pores and allow it to try. I typically do this in the early morning or late at night. It’s amazing what a $0.50 bottle of children’s glue can do for your nose! I didn’t have white heads, therefore I couldn’t see if it would removed those as well. But worked wonders on those itty-bitty pores.

Completely cleaned up my nose! Seriously, it worked! I allowed the thin layer of glue to dry for 10 mins and peeled it off, it’s less aggressive than the Biore Pore Strips, yet gentle enough to apply another round. It cleared up my blackheads and I was off to enjoy my weekend.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Using Elmer’s Glue for Blackheads

    • I don’t, however I will post one this week with an update. Truly works wonders! At first, I had my doubts but you can actually see the blackheads being removed and sticking to the glue. Just like you would see on a Biore Strip. It’s amazing!

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