Product Review: Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish


I’m a young mom, I love to look cute, feel beautiful without having to spend so much time on my outfits, nails, hair and make up. Now that Sonny is growing and becoming more independent (almost 3!), I have more time to do these little beauty treatments. I recently stumbled upon Rimmel 60 second nail polish, amazing!!!! These are my new favorite nail polish brands, I’m not the greatest at applying nail color and always have to go and do an edge clean up. It really does dry within a 1 minuet time period after placing onto your nails. The quality isn’t too great, but it’s worth it! It’s also sooo inexpensive, I love it. When I get $1 off Rimmel coupons, I always stock up on coupons and go buy these in bulk for only $0.50 each! They’re already very cheap at nearly under $1.50 for each bottle. I think they’d sell a lot more if the bottle was average size and not that tiny bottle. On a good note, it’s small enough to toss into a small purse/hand bag. Check out some of the great colors they come in:


Overall, Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish is a Two-Thumbs up!


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