Counting Calories for Weight Loss


I’m definitely not on the “Counting Calories” wagon, I try my absolute best to focus on healthier choices and more exercise. The only reason why I have this mind-set is, do you think our grandparents, great-grandparents ever counted calories? NO. They just ate healthy foods that were made in the home. I’m not saying jump on the Paleo lifestyle, but don’t stress on the smaller things in life. Enjoy a well-balanced salad and veggy soup. Snack on the PB2 muffin, just put in work for that exercise. Allow your body to use the nutrients from the foods your fueling it with and build muscle, lose fat, become healthy.

I have quite a bit of friends who count calories, and yes it works for them. At times, it doesn’t. Every person is different and I strongly feel that as long as we are active as a generation, we can fight off obesity. Just one step at a time..


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