My Breakfast & Snack Attack!



There are times when I need a quick On-The-Go Breakfast. Today was one of those days. I got a quick toast, placed some avocado slices and cut 1.5 eggs for my meal. Yes, I keep the yolk. By the time 10 am rolled around, I was so hungry! Earlier during the week I grab those $1 Justin’s Almond Butter packets, tossed the banana and Almond Butter packet in my bag, then stormed out of the door. I didn’t have much time to pack a lunch. I may just end up buying a chicken salad.

My not so lovely & wild fly-aways selfie was taken just after walking my dogs. I do a 30-40 min walk with them every morning. It wakes me up, makes me feel refreshed and then I begin my hygiene morning routine before I leave for work.


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