Too Sweet & Too Salty


My  body has been slowly transitioning to my healthier food choices. I didn’t pay much attention to this in the past, as I really didn’t focus on my well-being. I’m not any special diets, I don’t prep-meals or stay away from cheese-burgers. Yes, I’ll have them once in a while. Yet, recently…these past few weeks I’ve not had much soda, very little. I drink much more water than I ever have in my life. I’ve noticed I eat smaller portions. My belly doesn’t feel so bloated as it did before. As the 2 ‘o clock time period of my day has begun to hit me. I had a small nectarine. Then, one hour later, I opened up this single serving of Pringles. 1 word:


I couldn’t even finish my 2nd chip. My stomach is uncomfortable. It’s amazing how your body tends to adapt to the foods you eat. Yesterday, I had a HUGE salad with a few chicken slices on it, it filled me and was Delish! Now, a set a chips, chocolate bar, or even a can of soda makes me feel horrible. My body is changing but I love the new dislikes I have. In the long run, it’s healthier and hopefully will keep me away from Diabetes.

By the way, diabetes is huge and horribly taken over so many of my relatives lifestyles.
This is my motivation to keep away from that horrible disease.
I need to be healthy, for my self, and for my family.



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